Tips for a Healthy Start in the New Year

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Good health enables you to do the things you want to do and feel good while you’re doing them.

Get ready for the new year with a renewed focus on your health. We are here to serve as your partner in health and provide the below tips to start your year off right.

Choose a primary care provider (PCP)

If you’re healthy, why do you need a primary care provider? Why not just go to the walk-in clinic if you’re sick? There is value in establishing care with a physician or nurse practitioner who, over time, gets to know you. Then, if you do develop a health problem, you have a provider on tap who can help you decide the best treatment option for you. It’s very helpful to have someone guide you through those choices.

Schedule an Annual Comprehensive Visit (ACV)

 This is especially important if you’re over 65. Why should you see your doctor yearly? Of course, there are many reasons. At every age, we have health maintenance items that we need to address. If you want to keep your automobile for a long time and avoid breakdowns, it’s important to follow the maintenance schedule. It’s the same for your body. Lab tests, a physical exam, and a discussion of potential health concerns for your age group help you stay ahead of problems.

Keep your blood pressure and cholesterol in check

Typically if you’re sick, you feel miserable. If after a few days you don’t feel better, you might see a healthcare provider. But in most cases, high blood pressure is asymptomatic as is high cholesterol. So, it’s important to keep track of those numbers and to develop a plan with your healthcare provider if they start to creep upwards into an unhealthy zone.

Exercise, diet, sleep and balance

Your body needs high-quality fuel, It’s also designed to move in space. Without these important components, your body isn’t going to work very well. And you’re not going to feel very good.

You don’t have to become a gym rat, hire a personal trainer or run a marathon to improve your health. Thank goodness! Keep it simple. Start walking today. If you wish, buy a pedometer, or use a health app on your phone and keep track of your steps so you can see your improvement. Don’t compare yourself with others.

Try to make one dietary change at a time. Ask yourself, what am I doing “too much” of? What am I doing “too little” of? What do I want to add to or subtract from my life? Fill in the blanks. Start small.