Post-Christmas Detox: How to Cleanse Your Body After Christmas

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post-Christmas detox can help you reset the mind and body after the stressful festivities. This can reverse the ill-effects of the fatty and sugary diet we consume during Christmas. They can also flush out the toxins from your system, reduce stress, and improve your overall health.

A post-Christmas detox will help you recharge your body by flushing out the toxins and refueling it with nutrients.

The best holiday detox tips are the ones that encourage balance in all aspects of life. All it takes is moderation, mindfulness, and discipline to detoxify your mind and body.
Here are some simple yet effective tricks that can help you flush the toxins from your system.

1. Set your post-Christmas detox goals

The first step of chalking out any detox plan should be identifying your goals. Is your primary goal to lose the holiday weight or to destress your mind?

Are you looking to minimize the damage caused by the Christmas cocktails, or do you want to restore the glow to your skin? List down all that you plan to achieve with the help of the detox.

Having a clear set of realistic goals will help you stay on track with your detox plan. You can display these goals on your vision board for more motivation.

2. Create a health journal

Now that you have your detox goals in place, create a health journal to track your progress.

You can use this journal to record what you eat, how much you exercise, and how you feel throughout your detox journey.

You can use a fitness tracking app to make your job easier.

This health journal will not only make you more mindful of your lifestyle, but it will also help you determine whether your detox plan is working or not.

3. Keep yourself hydrated

Studies have revealed that inadequate daily water intake can increase the risk of several diseases.

Drinking at least 2 liters of water every day helps to flush out the toxins from the system while also improving your overall health.

Your body is probably dehydrated post the Christmas festivities, so now is the time to boost your water intake. Adequate water consumption will help you get rid of any bloating or water weight and will make your skin look radiant too!

4. Make time for some exercise

Exercise is the best way to get your mind and body back into shape post the holiday stress.

You can choose any form of exercise that you can fit into your schedule, be it a 10-minute HIIT workout or a 30-minute swim.

You may need to push yourself initially, but it will be worth it! All forms of exercise release endorphins in the body, which will perk up your spirits.

Also, it will provide a much-needed boost to your metabolism after the Christmas feasts.

5. Follow a post-Christmas diet plan

Instead of starving yourself to burn the Christmas calories, opt for smaller portions and healthier food. Reduce your salt intake to get rid of the water weight and avoid sodas for the same reason.

Healthy, wholesome meals that are rich in vitamins and fiber are the way to go. Salads, steamed fish, stir-fried veggies, and soups can help your gut while keeping you satiated.

Try to prepare these dishes at home instead of ordering them in because restaurant food is usually high in sodium.

6. Increase your protein intake

Your post-Christmas diet plan must include a lot of proteins. If you do not provide adequate levels of proteins to your body, it starts drawing them from the liver instead.

To avoid this, include a lot of meat, fish, and eggs in your meals. If you are vegan, you can get your daily dose of protein from pulses and beans instead.

Another advantage of consuming proteins is that they will keep you full for longer, unlike carbs that do not satiate the body for long.

7. Start your morning with a green smoothie

A great way to include a lot of vitamins and fiber in your diet is to start your day with a green smoothie.

According to this study, consumption of fruit and vegetable juices encourages healthy levels of gut bacteria that aid our digestive system. Also, using different fruits and vegetables in your smoothie every day will ensure optimal vitamin and mineral intake.

This will help to flush out toxins from your system and will also boost your immunity, which is extremely important at this time of the year.

8. Detoxify your mind too

Christmas can take a heavier toll on your mind than you might think. Post-festival depression is a real thing and needs to be addressed to start your new year on a positive note.

Make an effort to do things that soothe your mind, be it listening to music or reading a book. Light a scented candle and enjoy a relaxing bubble bath in the evening.

Meditate for a few minutes every day by clearing your mind of all thoughts and spending some moments in silence. This is a habit you can benefit from all year round!

9. Don’t forget to detoxify your skin

Studies have shown that alcohol consumption and smoking can make your skin age faster. If you have been indulging in alcohol and tobacco during the festive season, then now is the time to detoxify your skin.

Include bi-weekly scrubs in your skincare regimen and apply an antioxidant-rich moisturizer twice a day. Facial massages can also help boost blood circulation and reduce any dullness on the skin.

For the body, use dry brushing to exfoliate your skin and restore its softness and radiance.

10. Don’t stress over your after Christmas detox plan

Stressing over your detox plan is the most counterintuitive yet common thing to do.

If you worry too much about a dietary slip up or a no-exercise day, then your detox won’t show results. Instead, pick up from where you left off with more enthusiasm. Had a sugary cereal for breakfast?

Compensate it with a hearty soup for lunch. Missed a day of exercise? Run an extra mile the next day! Don’t fall prey to stress eating or guilt-tripping, and all will be good!


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