Tips To Take Care Of Your Health After Christmas And New Year Celebrations

We often overeat during celebrations. Here are a few daily routines to detox your body after the Christmas and New Year parties.

Most awaited Christmas and New Year celebrations are around the corner. With family gets together, brunches, parties, and long nights we invariably tend to indulge ourselves in treats, savories, and spirits that lead to a feeling of being tired, hungover, bloated, and guilty. Our health ends up taking a detour. 

Bringing it back on track is harder than one can imagine, needless to say, the damage it causes. So, here are some expert tips that can help you fast track your healthy-self post celebrations.

Increase fluid intake

Increasing the intake of water and fluids is one of the easiest and effective ways to detox your body after partying for Christmas and New Year. Liquid intake helps hydrate your body, initiate muscle recovery and flush out toxins. 

 Green tea, Aloe Vera/ Amla juice, Cinnamon in boiled water, turmeric water, hot water with lemon, and honey are a few drinks to keep your metabolism on track and great health-packed options as they provide remarkable detoxifying properties.

Ensure light eating

We often overeat during celebrations or a New Year party. The options available for fried and fatty foods, endless options for sweets, and spicy dishes are the flavor of any happening celebration. So, post-New Year party, it’s very important to look after your diet. Make it light by adding healthy foods, fresh fruits, and green leafy vegetables to your daily intake. Increase the consumption of non-fatty salad with healthy seeds like chia, flax, melon, etc., dressed with olive oil.

Do not skip workouts

Try and follow a fixed routine for workout daily. Ensure to take out at least 1 hour to take care of your physical and mental health. Yoga and meditation are great options to start with, to restore energy levels and help you feel light and healthy. 

Also, exercising will help you sweat and burn off the extra calories that you’ve consumed. Once in a year, it is hard to resist the delicacies of the New Year party, but to achieve a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI), you must follow the principles of healthy eating to reduce the risk of unwanted weight gain.

Genetic testing for sustainable weight loss

Let the New Year begin with getting to know yourself better. Genetic screening will help you know your genes better. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime saliva-based test that gives insights on your genetic predisposition to various health conditions and the type of diet and fitness activities that suit you.

A customized diet for yourself will not only save your time but will also help you in the sustenance of your weight loss. Nowadays, people follow crash diets, no carbs diet but it does not work for a long period, and they gain weight eventually. A customized diet plan can help you in a long run and makes it easier to follow a diet as per your body requirement. Imagine knowing exactly the kind of exercises, fitness activities and a diet suited just for you can do. Get set to be transformed.

“Though it is important to celebrate eves, it is also very important to know your limits when it comes to your body. Make it a practice to detox yourself every time you indulge in a party or celebration.” 


Author: Devika

Devika, M.Sc, NET Qualified is passionate about helping people discover the power of nourishing real food. She specializes in weight management, therapeutic nutrition, food allergies and intolerances, inflammatory diseases, gut health, and functional nutrition. Her approach blends a conventional health care and nutrition background with natural and science-based therapies.