7 Virtual Christmas Ideas the Whole Family Will Love

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From virtual Santa to a full-blown craft-a-thon, these safe, fun, and socially distant Christmas activities are a surefire way to infuse a little magic into your holiday season.

We may all be counting down to 2022 and brighter, post-pandemic days ahead, but there’s no reason we can’t also enjoy the final days of 2021. The holiday season may be a bit more in person this year, but your family might still want to opt for virtual celebrations in light of the new Omicron strain of COVID-19 spreading throughout the U.S.

But fear not, staying safe does not mean canceling the holidays. This fun, virtual Christmas activities will have your whole family feeling festive in no time. Enjoy!

Virtual Christmas Ideas for 2021

1. Plan a holiday movie night

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Get your popcorn ready, set up a video call with friends, and stream a holiday movie together for a picture-perfect virtual movie night. Whether it’s A Christmas StoryElf, or The Muppet Christmas Carol, make sure to throw on some holiday pajamas and you’ve really got it made.

2. Visit with virtual Santa

It’s never been easier to meet with Santa. Online options to chat with the big man in red are popping up left and right—your kids will love. 

 From virtual holiday games to seasonal stickers and filters to, yes, a “Chat with Santa” feature where parents can send their kids messages as Santa, there’s something kids of all ages will love this season.

3. Get crafty

Trust me, there’s no shortage of family-friendly Christmas crafts to keep your little ones occupied all December long—especially on those extra cold days when going outside isn’t really an option. To take things up a notch for 2021, plan a craft-a-thon with your child’s cousins or friends. Pick out an age-appropriate craft or two for the kiddos to do, work on them at the same time on Zoom, and show off the masterpieces when everyone’s finished.

4. Throw a virtual Christmas party

Unmasked, big holiday get-togethers indoors are discouraged amid the pandemic, but there’s no reason you can’t still get all dressed up (or not, you do you!) and celebrate with loved ones. Plan a specialty cocktail for the adults, stock up on hot cocoa for the kids, and turn on your favorite holiday tunes. You can keep the little ones occupied with a little cookie decorating—or, heck, just some plain ole cookie eating.

And don’t forget to plan a virtual Secret Santa gift exchange before the big event so everyone can unwrap their gifts together!

5. Gear up for family game night

Gather everyone up on Zoom for a holiday-themed night of virtual Christmas games complete with prizes. Here are a few easy options:

  • Turn on your favorite Christmas music and play “name that tune” or have guests take turns singing the next verse of beloved classics.
  • Plan a family trivia night with these Christmas trivia questions and answers and these 50 fun trivia questions for kids.
  • Play a game of “Who Am I?” by writing holiday-themed characters on a sticky note, putting it on your forehead, and having guests give clues to help you guess who you got.

The winner gets a special holiday treat!

6.Give back safely

The holiday season isn’t just for receiving—it’s forgiving. And with everything going virtual these days, it’s never been easier to give back to families in need and teach your kids the importance of being charitable.

Your family can also participate in Operation Santa, where you can “adopt” a letter to Santa and buy a gift for a deserving child.

Whatever you decide, you and your children can help make someone else’s holiday extra special—and that’s really what Christmas is all about.


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