5 Easy Holiday Treats for Kids to Make This Season

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Is there anything as special as spending time with your kids during the holiday season? You can create memories doing just about anything, but nothing is as warm and familiar as a bout of holiday baking.

Watching the little ones frost a cookie while singing along to their favorite Christmas tunes, or relishing the brief moment of silence as everyone tucks into a cupcake; these moments all happen while huddled around the kitchen table, and they can quickly become holiday traditions for your family in no time at all.

A few of these ideas may already be tradition in your household, such as sipping on homemade hot chocolate by the fire, or making gingerbread to leave out for Santa at midnight. Others may seem novel in their own right, and aren’t exactly meant to be eaten, like our project for stained-glass cookie ornaments that you can actually hang inside. We even have a snowflake-themed dinner idea in our snowflake quesadilla recipe. Whichever direction you choose, these easy recipes and projects don’t require a shopping trip or days on end—get the whole family started on these fun holiday treats right now.

Coconut Snowman

This snowman is made from fresh vanilla ice cream and coconut—but his eyes, mouth, and buttons are fashioned from licorice candies. We didn’t use an actual carrot for his nose (it’s marzipan) but did use a toasted marshmallow for his hat. To make these snowmen, you will need three ice-cream scoops in varied sizes. Shoestring licorice cut into small pieces can also be used for the buttons, eyes, and mouth.

Sugar cookies turn magical when their centers are cut out and filled with chopped hard candies. As the dough bakes, the candy melts into a dazzling stained-glass window, creating a colorful confection.

Gingerbread Reindeer

Use basic gingerbread recipe to make cut out cookies in various shapes. Our favorites are gingerbread boys and girls in different sizes, decorated with white royal icing and currant buttons.

Homemade Hot Chocolate

Hot-chocolate mix is a wintertime staple. A home-made version is delicious and natural-containing only cocoa, sugar and salt-and especially economical compared with store-bought mixtures.

Snowflake Quesadillas

With these snowflakes, only the cheese melts. Fold a flour tortilla in half, then in thirds. Snip out shapes, unfold, and use as the top of a quesadilla.

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