7 Amazing Holiday Gift Ideas For Last-Minute Gifting

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Now that Black Friday has come and gone, we’re officially feeling the holiday pressure. With some shipping delays to consider and the usual crush of holiday deliveries to keep in mind, it’s really starting to feel like crunch time when it comes to buying holiday gifts.

If you’re still settling on what to buy for friends and family, have no fear—we have plenty of gifting ideas to spark your imagination. If you’re really concerned about coming up with a last-minute gift, these picks are all available on Amazon Prime, so you can rely on the service’s super-speed delivery to get your gifts in on time. 

We’ve rounded up a few of our go-to gifts, from a plant even your most black-thumbed friend can handle to the perfect boxes for homemade treats and holiday cookies. Whether you’re in the market for an easy gift that will please anyone or something you can customize to a pal’s personality, there’s an idea for you.

6 Last-Minute Gifts Available on Amazon Prime

A Pair of Cozy Slippers

Photo by Lisa on Pexels.com

Here’s a gift that just about anyone can use. With the winter chill in the air, any pal, host, or aunt will appreciate something to keep them warm. Pick up a pair of these faux-vintage smiley face slippers (buy it: from $18, Amazon) for your friend who loves ’70s style, or try these feather boa-Esque slip-on (buy it: from $22, Amazon) for the pal who goes for glitz and glam. 

A Festive Bottle of Wine

Okay, so maybe you can’t buy this one on Amazon. But if you pick up a bottle at your favorite store and dress it up with adorable bottle-sized Christmas sweaters (buy it: $12, Amazon), everyone will have to agree that you’ve brought the goofiest, most festive gift. The sweaters come in a set of three, so you can gussy up a bottle for your friends and still keep one or two on hand for decorating your own kitchen—or for next year’s gifts.

A Plant Anyone Can Take Care Of

“​​Plants make the cold, dark winter so much happier.” “Pothos are pretty indestructible, so they’re good for beginner plant parents.” These pothos (buy it: $33, Amazon) comes with a pretty stand, so you can tack on a bow and stick it under the tree.

Tea Towels with Personality

The tea towel gifting possibilities are endless—just trust us. We recommend the customizable variety before, which you can find plenty of on Amazon Handmade and Etsy, but you can also find beautiful prints and goofy sayings to suit anyone on your list. This set of three from Folkulture (buy it: $17, Amazon) would be perfect for the sunny cook in your life, and the brand has plenty more sets to choose from if you need more options.

A Classic Board Game

A gaming gift is especially great if you know you’ll end up hanging out with a deck of cards or a round of a favorite board game at the end of a holiday party. A classic, like this old-fashioned version of Trivial Pursuit (buy it: $18, Amazon), will fit in on anyone’s coffee table or bookshelf, and it’s sure to offer something for just about any crowd. 

A Pretty Way to Stay Hydrated

Mugs are the last-minute holiday gift that’s been done to death—who doesn’t have a cabinet bursting with mugs? But a nice water bottle, like this glamorous Corkcicle canteen (buy it: $40, Amazon) is always welcome. After all, we could all probably stand to drink more water. Shuffle through colors and sizes to find something perfect for whomever you’re shopping for.


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