A Guide to Healthy Eating in Real Life

The key to a healthy diet is to balance the energy you consume with the energy you use. A wide range of foods will help to make sure you’re getting a balanced diet and your body is receiving all the nutrients it needs. Depending on whom you ask, “healthy eating” may take any number of forms.

Importance of Healthy Eating

Food is what fuels you and delivers the calories and nutrients your body needs to function. Deficiency of one or more nutrients, health may suffer.

Likewise, if you eat too many calories, you may experience weight gain which increases the risk of many lifestyle complications and diseases.

Additionally, the quality of your diet affects your disease risk, longevity, and mental health.

Tips for Healthy Eating

Now that you know why healthy eating is important, let’s cover some nutrition basics.

  • Nutrient Density: This refers to the amount of nutrients in a food in relation to the calories it provides. All foods contain calories, but not all foods are nutrient-dense.
  • Macronutrient Ratios: Macronutrients, the main nutrients you get from food are carbs, fat, and protein. Generally, your meals and snacks should be balanced between the three. 
  • Cut Processed Foods: One of the best ways to improve your diet is to cut back on ultra-processed foods. Diets high in ultra-processed foods pose a greater risk for many complications.
  • Diet Diversity: Following a diet rich in different kinds of food supports your gut bacteria, promotes a healthy body weight, and protects against chronic disease.
  • Cook at home. Cooking meals at home helps diversify your diet. 
  • Shop for groceries regularly. If your kitchen is stocked with healthy foods, you’re more likely to make healthy meals and snacks.
  • Hydrate the smart way. Staying hydrated is part of healthy eating, and water is the best way to stay hydrated. You can add fruit slices or a squeeze of lemon for flavor.

If you’re interested in healthy eating, making a few small changes can get you moving in the right direction.

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Author: Pallabi Sinha

I am a Nutritionist with 6 years of expertise in the field. I have a knack of convincing people to switch to a healthier lifestyle.