Healthy Alternatives to Wheat

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Cereal Flour is a common ingredient in many cuisines. It is the main ingredient of bread which is staple food of many countries. Wheat flour and white wheat flour (Maida) have been very prominent in our cuisine. They are used in everyday meals. There are various reasons why a person may wish to avoid or eat less wheat bread. Fortunately, there are many healthful wheat-free alternatives to choose from.

Some healthy alternatives

  1. Buckwheat Flour

The seeds of buckwheat are dried completely and then ground along with the outer bran to make buckwheat flour. It is brown in color. It has a rich nutty and earthy flavor. Buckwheat flour can be a great alternative for people who are advised against gluten.They contain most of the nutrients that people miss out due to the lower intake of whole grains containing gluten.

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2. Corn Flour

Corn flour is a very finely ground version of cornmeal. Cornmeal is ground from dried whole corn kernels. It contains the hull, germ and, endosperm of the corn.

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3. Sorghum Flour

Sorghum flour has a light color and texture. It has a mildly sweet flavor and is naturally gluten-free. It lacks the elasticity that of wheat flour but it can be used with other gluten-free flours to make a varied range of dishes.

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4. Barley Flour

Barley is just like wheat and oats but it is much healthier. Barley is dried and ground to make barley flour. It is slightly chewy and nutty in taste. It only contains 5 to 8% of gluten as opposed to wheat that has high amount of gluten.

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5. Pearl millet flour

The bajra Flour is greyish and has a nutty flavor. It is specially made in the winter season since bajra is a heat-producing Ingredient. Bajra is often referred to as a poor man’s staple food, as it’s cheap and makes you feel fuller.

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It’s important for us to analyse our lifestyle choices and try to be better by opting healthier options. For those who need to or want to replace wheat, there are many healthful and nutritious alternatives to choose.

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Author: Pallabi Sinha

I am a Nutritionist with 6 years of expertise in the field. I have a knack of convincing people to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

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